The Tracadie Players Dinner Theatre is back in business.  The next Dinner Theatre will be on Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23.  If you have any questions or you wish to request seating, please know the number of seats you want and for which night and contact Barry Schieck at 902-388-0240 in the evening or send an email to

Tickets are $30 each.  PLEASE CALL BARRY BEFORE YOU SEND ANY MONEY AS THE SEATS YOU WANT MAY HAVE BEEN BOOKED BY PHONE.  Payment is due at least 2 weeks before the event and can be made by eTransfer to with the Security Question “What meal will we eat” and the Security Answer “Dinner”. If this is not possible, Barry will be meeting people at noon September 17th at Ellis Brothers entrance next to Quiznos.

Last Update October 23 at 10:34am.